Since the popular messaging platform's inception in 2009, we've had the same UI with minor tweaks along the way. However, it has been reported that the meta-owned platform is planning a new and refreshed user interface (UI) revamp that aims to improve the overall messaging experience for its users worldwide. Here is what it looks like.

WhatsApp is creating a new interface for the app by incorporating a bottom navigation bar. The bottom navigation bar will make it much easier for users to browse between the various sections of the app because they will be easily accessible from the bottom of the screen. 

Additionally, the update will introduces  new set of icons and buttons, giving the app a more contemporary feel. Users can expect a more intuitive interface, making it easier for us to navigate through various features and functions. The updated UI will bring several visual and functional changes to the app, allowing us to communicate seamlessly while enjoying a fresh and modern design.

More so, the new UI will improve user experience by making frequently used elements more accessible. According to Webetainfo, frequently used operations such as sending photos, videos, or voice messages would be presented more prominently, minimizing the number of steps required to access them. This enhancement is likely to save us time while also improving their overall communications experience.

As we know, WhatsApp has been committed to ensuring user privacy and security, and the new UI continues to prioritize these aspects. Webetainfo indicates that the updated UI will bring more visibility to privacy-related settings, empowering users to have greater control over their data. This includes options to manage privacy settings for individual contacts, groups, and overall account security.

WhatsApp's new UI promises a refreshed and enhanced messaging experience for its vast user base. With a focus on visual improvements, accessibility enhancements, and streamlined usability, the updated UI is likely to delight users across the globe. These updates are still under development and should be expected in the near future.