Online payments have become an integral part of our daily lives. To cater to this growing demand, EcoCash offers two convenient options for making online transactions: The EcoCash MasterCard Physical Card and The EcoCash Virtual Card Number (VCN). These payment solutions provide ease, security, and flexibility for users. Let's shed more light on these offerings and explore their features, transactional charges, limits, and the benefits they provide.

The EcoCash MasterCard Physical Card is a tangible payment card that allows users to make online purchases and perform various transactions. Available for purchase at the nearest Econet Shop for a nominal fee of USD 5, this card provides added functionality such as international ATM withdrawals and express payments. With the MasterCard Physical Card, users can enjoy the convenience of making online payments wherever MasterCard is accepted.

For those seeking a virtual payment solution, EcoCash offers the Virtual Card Number (VCN). To generate a VCN, users simply need to dial *153*2*4*2*1# and pay a nominal fee of USD 0.50. The VCN is a 16-digit virtual card number that comes with a CVV number and expiry date. This virtual card allows users to make secure online payments without the need for a physical card.

When it comes to transactional charges, EcoCash provides transparency to its users. While specific details might be found in the attached tariff chart, it's important to note that EcoCash strives to provide competitive rates for its services. As for transaction limits, the EcoCash MasterCard Physical Card allows transactions of up to USD 5,000 per transaction and USD 10,000 per month. These limits provide flexibility for users to carry out their desired transactions securely.

The EcoCash MasterCard and Virtual Card options offer numerous benefits for users. They provide a safe and convenient means of making online purchases, ensuring that personal financial information remains secure. Additionally, the MasterCard Physical Card offers the advantage of international ATM withdrawals, allowing users to access their funds globally. Both cards contribute to a seamless online payment experience for individuals and businesses alike.

EcoCash's MasterCard Physical Card and Virtual Card Number (VCN) are valuable additions to the digital payment landscape. With the MasterCard Physical Card, users can enjoy the convenience of a tangible payment card, while the VCN offers a secure virtual payment solution. These options provide flexibility, security, and ease of use for online transactions. By offering competitive transactional charges and generous limits, EcoCash aims to meet the evolving needs of its users. Whether it's making online purchases or accessing funds globally, EcoCash's payment solutions empower individuals to embrace the digital economy with confidence.