In a significant development for the tech industry, Tano Digital Solutions, a pan-African tech company originally from Zimbabwe, has announced the relocation of its headquarters to Gaborone, Botswana. This strategic move comes as a result of the company's acquisition of Altron businesses in Botswana and Mozambique last year, as part of its expansion plans in the region.

The establishment of Tano Digital Solutions' headquarters in Gaborone signifies a commitment to delivering innovative tech solutions and fostering the growth of local expertise within Botswana. With an aim to become an economic driver in the country, Tano Digital Solutions seeks to create a hub for IT talent and innovation, reshaping Botswana's IT landscape through technical advancements.

Tano Digital Solutions Group CEO, Wallen Mangere, expressed the company's dedication to supporting local industries and cultivating a skilled workforce. The relocation to Botswana is expected to have a substantial impact on the region as Tano Digital Solutions explores new prospects across the continent.

According to Mangere, the company's vision extends beyond merely entering a new market. Tano Digital Solutions aspires to play a pivotal role in driving Botswana's economic growth by establishing a SAP delivery hub that will serve as the company's operational center. This hub aims to provide a range of innovative services, including addressing the SAP skills gap in Southern Africa and the surrounding region.

Tefo Noke, Tano Botswana's country general manager, echoed Mangere's sentiments, emphasizing the company's commitment to local job creation and development. The SAP Delivery Centre, once fully operational, has the potential to employ up to 100 people, not only benefiting Tano Digital Solutions but also providing job opportunities for the local workforce.

The relocation of Tano Digital Solutions' headquarters to Botswana is expected to have positive implications for both Botswana and the country it left behind, Zimbabwe. For Botswana, this move signifies a boost to the local tech industry, creating opportunities for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and technological advancements. The presence of Tano Digital Solutions as a tech leader and economic driver is likely to attract further investment and stimulate innovation within the country.

For Zimbabwe, the departure of Tano Digital Solutions may be seen as a loss of a homegrown tech company. However, it also highlights the potential for growth and expansion within the African tech landscape. Tano Digital Solutions' success and relocation to Botswana serve as a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and capability of African tech companies to compete on a global scale.

As Tano Digital Solutions establishes its headquarters in Botswana and works towards its goal of reshaping the country's IT landscape, the company's commitment to driving economic growth, creating job opportunities, and fostering technological innovation is poised to make a significant impact. With a focus on delivering exceptional IT solutions and exporting key skills, Tano Digital Solutions aims to contribute to the growth of local knowledge and position Botswana as a competitive player in the global technology industry.