Telegram, the renowned cloud-based messaging app, has once again raised the bar for instant communication with its latest update titled "Replies 2.0, Adjustable Link Previews, Name Colors, and More." With a host of innovative features and enhanced functionalities, Telegram continues to solidify its position as the ultimate messaging platform.

One of the standout features introduced in this update is Replies 2.0. Telegram has been a pioneer in revolutionizing conversation tracking since 2015, and now, with Replies 2.0, users can quote specific parts of messages, allowing for precise and contextual responses. By simply tapping and selecting the desired text, users can quote with accuracy and effortlessly follow complex conversations. This feature sets Telegram apart from other messaging apps and enhances the overall communication experience.

Taking communication flexibility to new heights, Telegram now allows users to send replies to other chats. Whether you want to reply privately or transition the discussion to a different group or channel, Telegram empowers you to do so seamlessly. By tapping the reply bar and selecting "Reply in Another Chat," users can redirect the conversation while maintaining its integrity. This feature is a game-changer for those seeking efficient and organized communication across different chat environments.

Quote formatting is yet another powerful addition to Telegram's repertoire. In addition to quoting others directly, users can now add quote formatting to any text, including multiple quotes in a single reply. This feature enhances the visual appeal and organization of messages, making conversations more engaging and structured.

Quote Formatting

With Adjustable Link Previews, Telegram offers users unprecedented control over link previews in their messages. Users can now customize the size of media, choose whether the preview appears above or below their message, and even select which link to preview when multiple options are available. Additionally, opening links has become more convenient, as a simple tap anywhere in the preview area takes users directly to the desired content.

Telegram understands the importance of personalization, and that's where account colors come into play. With Telegram Premium, users can choose a color or combination of colors for their accounts. This customization option extends to the display of their names in groups, the links they send, and even the replies to their messages. By allowing users to express their individuality, Telegram adds a touch of personal flair to the messaging experience.

Story improvements demonstrate Telegram's commitment to staying ahead of the curve. Users can now enjoy the ability to fast-forward and rewind videos in Stories, giving them greater control and convenience. Additionally, the front flash feature enhances the quality of selfies by offering adjustable settings for warmth and intensity. These improvements ensure that Telegram users can capture and share their moments in the best possible light.